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DSC Jaffa22 Shoes Blue-LYellow

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  • Lightweight upper: Punched synthetic leather and breathable mesh reduces weight while providing durability and flexibility.
  • Design: High frequency embossed design provides unique look in the ground.
  • Rubber Outsole: High grade rubber outsole with rounded lugs for multidirectional grip and improved traction.
  • TPU Shank: High quality external TPU mid foot shank for stability and lesser foot fatique.
  • Cushioning: High quality EVA Midsole for superior cushioning and Supersoft EVA Sockliner for comfort fit.

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DSC Jaffa 22 Cricket Shoe is reliable light in weight and highly durable. Its up-to-date design provides the best comfort level. It also has Synthetic Leather upper and Rubber outsole as well. The best technology for the best performance in the ground.


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