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DSC Helmet Fort 44 Green


  • Outer Shell Material: High Impact Resistant Regular ABS shell covered with Matty cloth. Inner EPS liner for increased safety.
  • Inner Mesh: Shock Resistant, Sweat Absorbent, Breathable U Foam lining to keep dry, clean and comfortable
  • Face Guard: Hardened Powder Coated Fully Adjustable Steel Grill with Molded Ear Flap.
  • Ventilation Holes: Inbuilt vent for maximum airflow to keep the head dry and comfortable
  • Strap Fitting: Nylon chin strap and quick-release buckle with double lock
  • In-box Contents: 1 x Cricket Helmet + 1Pc sweat band + spare screws
  • No BSI approval for hard ball cricket. Suitable for indoor and softballs cricket with appropriate ball dimention.


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